Xavax Glass Drinking Bottle with Sieve and Black Neoprene Sleeve, 500 ml

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This Xavax drinking bottle is made from tough borosilicate glass. The neoprene protection sleeve will keep hot drinks nice and warm and cold drinks refreshingly cool. Thanks to this neoprene sleeve, you will not burn yourself from hot liquids. If the tea or coffee has been standing for some time, you can put the glass bottle with the tea or coffee in a microwave to heat up. The resilient borosilicate glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher just as easily.

Have a healthy drink during your day at the office, enjoy your own herbal tea blend during your train journey, or look forward to a nutritious smoothie while walking in the countryside – and sometimes it may simply be pure, fresh water – entirely without unwanted plastic additives.

Why is this important?

Plastic softeners in your plastic water bottle? Micro-plastics in sparkling mineral water? And to cap it all, you have to carry crates? Switch to glass – it’s good for your health and for the environment. We make it easy for you to reduce your plastic use: Our glass drinking bottle is a smart alternative to awful plastic bottles. Filled with fresh drinking water, it fulfils its purpose; but the best part of it is the strainer insert for a wide variety of other drinks.

Sieve Strainer Included

We want you to be able to enjoy your favourite healthy drinks at work, on the go, and also at home – and without having to cart along individual components. Freshly brewed loose Earl Grey or herbal tea, water with slices of lemon or cucumber, fresh mint or ginger added – normal water bottles are not designed for making drinks with these ingredients. We have therefore equipped the glass bottle with two caps made of stainless steel. At the top is the screw cap for the drink opening, at the bottom a cap with integrated strainer: for loose tea, fruit and everything you would like to use to enhance your drinking water.

  • Practical glass bottle with integrated strainer for loose tea, infused water or other hot or cold drinks
  • Borosilicate glass resists temperature fluctuations: suitable for all hot and cold drinks
  • Neoprene sleeve protects hands from hot drinks, provides a secure grip and keeps contents temperature
  • Reliable screw top lid with silicone seal provides leak protection
  • The strainer can be easily removed and the bottle can be used as a classic bottle

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