Xavax Alarm Doorstop – Simple Solution to Secure Any Door

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Imagine you are alone in an unfamiliar hotel room. Is it hard to sleep knowing that the door could be opened or forced? For complete peace of mind you could use the Xavax Alarm Doorstop. A simple wedge that also acts as a intruder alarm. This is a brilliantly simple solution to a very real problem.

  • Alarm doorstop with non-slip rubber sole and alarm function (118 dB) for protection from unauthorized access, e.g. at entrances or exits – also ideal for travel
  • For discouraging unauthorized persons (e.g. burglars, stalkers etc)
  • Attracts attention from passers-by in case of an emergency
  • Also suitable for travellers, e.g. at doors of hotel rooms
  • Can also be used as a "normal" doorstop when the alarm is deactivated
  • On and off switch
  • Low battery indicator
  • No mounting required: position the doorstop at the door, activate it and you’re done
  • Required batteries: 1 alkaline block battery, 9V (not included)

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