Xavax 5 Pack of Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Daewoo Vacuum Cleaners

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Xavax XA 04 P VBC300 and VBC805 type 5 pack.

This pack of vacuum cleaner bags will fit the Daewoo RC220, RC300, RC305, RC310, RC320, RC330, RC350, RC360, RC370, RC371, RC400, RC410, RC470, RC480, RC500, RC700, RC705, RC800, RC805, RC850, RC2506, RC3204,RC3205, RC3500RC3000, RC 3004-3006, RC3011, RC3700, RC3704, RC3705, RC3714, RC3750, RC4000, RC4005, RC4006, RC4008, RC6001, RC6002, RC7004, RC7005, RC8001, RC8002, RC L 3816, RC VAC 3, RCC2506, RCC2508BR, RCN350, RCN400, SB70 – SB200, VBC300 cylinder vacuum cleaners.

These bags also fit the Hoover DW2, Sencor SVC300, SVC600 and the Thomas Maxi Power.

In the pack you get 5 quality paper bags for the Daewoo and other vacuum cleaners above

Bags made in Germany.

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