Xavax 2 Pack Granite Effect Safety Glass Kitchen Cutting Boards, 52 x 30 x 0.9cm

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This is a Xavax two pack Granite Effect Tempered Safety Glass Chopping Board Set.

  • Two glass cutting boards in modern granite design for enlarging the work surface or for protecting high-quality kitchen benches
  • Ideal for covering (completely/partly) the glass ceramic cooking surface
  • 6 non-slip rubber feet (height approx 3mm)
  • Can also be used as serving plate for warm or cold meals
  • Easy-to-clean tempered glass (practically unbreakable), heat-resistant, smell, dirt, cut, scratch and shock resistant

You have too little space in your kitchen? Have you ever thought that a glass cutting plate is of great help in this context? Just lay the plate over the kitchen sink or hob and a new cutting area has been created.

Most modern kitchens are rarely found without a chopping board. In fact, many have a number of them in different sizes and materials as they are often deemed essential when preparing different food, protecting kitchen surfaces from the tools used in doing so and improving overall food hygiene.

This pack of 2 Xavax Multi Glass Cutting Boards will save you time in the kitchen by making chopping and preparing food quick and easy with their ultra-resistant, easy-to-clean glass surface. Thought to be one of the most sanitary materials for use as a food preparation, the tempered glass that these Xavax boards are constructed from does not chip or accumulate scores or scratches from knives like a plastic or wooden board, which may otherwise serve as a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and grime. This also means that the board does not have to be as frequently replaced, as it simply does not wear, and that the smooth, flat surface does not absorb rancid smells and stains that can be difficult to remove and passed onto food. Xavax Multi Glass Cutting Boards can be cleaned in a quick wipe of a cloth.

For a firm grip on any flat surface each cutting board is equipped with 6 non-slip rubber feet, another feature that may be absent in non-glass boards. This ensures that when you are chopping food and using sharp knives and tools on the surface that the board stays firmly put and does not jerk or slide so as to help prevent any nasty accidents. Having a fully heat resistant surface, this also makes the boards the perfect place for safely storing or serving a hot saucepan, dish or tray out of the oven, especially if you want to avoid scorches on your kitchen surfaces or dining table. Chop chop!

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