Worldwide Surge Protected Electrical Travel Adapter UK, Euro, US, Aus

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Use in More than 150 Countries – With Surge Protection

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The Power Bright WT-141 is an all-in-one plug provides adapters for more than 150 countries. Easy to use with slide-out power plugs.

This adapter does not convert voltage, it is a plug adapter only.

The WT-141 adapter has a universal socket, this means it will take any kind of electrical plug from any country including the UK and Ireland 3 pin plug, US and Canadian 3 pin and 2 pin plugs, European Shuko plugs and more.

The Power Bright WT-141 plug is controlled by slide controls and can be set to adapt to plugs sockets from the UK, US, European (Shuko), Australia, New Zealand, China and many more (150 countries in all). The Power Bright WT-141 Travel Adapter has a built in 6 Amp fuse and built-in surge protector. There is also a surge indicator as well as 110/220 Vac voltage indicators, so you are reminded what voltage you are plugging in to.

The Power Bright WT-141 Travel Adapter will protect your electrical appliances from voltage surges and spikes worldwide. In 220V countries such as the UK, Australia and Europe the maximum wattage the adapter can carry is 1320W. In 110V countries, such as the US, Canada, Mexico and most of the Caribbean the maximum wattage the adapter can carry is 660W.

As this product does not reduce or convert voltage it must only be used with switch mode items, such as most laptop computers and most phone chargers, if you are in a country with a different voltage from your own. However, if you use the WT-141 adapter in a country with the same or similar voltage to your own (such as within Europe) you can use it with most appliances. The only appliances not suitable for use with the Power Bright WT-141 would be high wattage items such as hair dryers, hair straighteners and irons. Check ratings to be sure.

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