Wolsey WFAV 425 LTE 4 Way Variable Gain TV Masthead Amplifier & Power Supply Kit

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This is a Wolsey LTE TV Masthead Amplifier Kit. This kit combines a high gain 4 way masthead amplifier with a power supply and adjustable gain control. The power gain can be adjusted from 10-25dB via a gain switch on the amplifier itself

Fitting the masthead amplifier is very simple. There are two parts – the masthead amplifier (as the name suggests) is fixed on or near to the aerial, usually on the mast itself. The cable from the aerial connects to the input and the outputs feed the various TVs. The power supply can be connected to any of the outputs and it will power the amplifier. The power supply goes inside and can connect to the cable near to one of the TVs.


  • 1 Input 4 Outputs
  • 10-25 dB Variable Gain
  • Screw in F-Connectors
  • Weatherproof housing. LTE protection 800
  • Fully screened enclosure
  • 10-25dB Variable Gain

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