Wahl Hair Clipper 3 Short Attachment Comb Set + Oil and Brush

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Wahl 3 Short Length Attachment Hair Clipper Comb Set. Will fit all of the "standard" full sized Wahl mains powered hair clippers. The comb size numbers are number 1/2, number 1 and number 1 and 1/2. In millimetres the combs sizes are: 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm.

These Wahl Hair Clipper Attachment Combs fit all standard full sized mains powered Wahl clippers such as the Super Taper range, Premier Cut, Balding Clippers, Baldfader, Envoy, Flair, 5 Star Magic Clip, Designer, Academy Collection Mains Clipper, Homepro, Colourpro, ChromePro, Xtender Blender clippers and many more. Contact us if you do not know if they would fit your clipper and we’ll let you know.

The Standard Combs range also fits some other makes of clipper including Scherna.

These combs are made by Wahl themselves. They are genuine Wahl combs supplied to us direct from Wahl.

Available comb sizes range from 1/2 to 12, for more information please look in this Category

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