Vision V55-002 Digital Satellite TV Magic Eye Remote Extender SKY, SKY PLUS

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There are many sky magic eyes on the market and most of them are fine, but this V55-002 Visionlink? Sky compatible remote eye for all BSkyB digibox satellite receivers is a sort of Rolls Royce of magic eyes.

Unlike most other eyes the Visionlink Eye includes an optical filter which will eliminate interference from plasma TVs and strong sunlight. The F-Connector ensures that the cable does not detach during use and the umbilical cable will reduce any strain on TV’s coaxial connection.

For best usage the Visionlink V55-002 should have a direct connection to the RF2 output on the Sky Box with no interruptions –  so no splitters, or non by-passed amplifiers should be used. Isolated wall plates can also be a connection problem as they can drop the voltage (9v) that is being sent from RF out 2 (any capacitors in circuit will pass AC but will block DC), or when sharing the signal the voltage is also shared and drops below its working voltage.

To turn the power on from RF2 on a Sky Box: Using a Sky remote press Services, then press 4, then type in 0 1, select, then press 4. Make sure the RF 2 Power is switched ON.

On some new HD Boxes this process is now: Press Services, 0, 0, 1. Then press Select, then 4, then Select again. Highlight RF Outlet Power Supply, and toggle to ON. Press the green button on the remote to save your settings.

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