Vision V20-4260L Variable Power 4 Way Masthead Amplifier With Power Supply

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This kit combines a high gain 4 way masthead amplifier with a power supply and adjustable gain control. The power gain can be adjusted from 8-20dB via a gain switch on the amplifier itself. Made in the UK.

Fitting the masthead amplifier is very simple. There are two parts – the masthead amplifier (as the name suggests) is fixed on or near to the aerial, usually on the mast itself. the cable from the aerial connects to the input and the outputs feed the various TVs. the power supply can be connected to any of the outputs and it will power the amplifier. The power supply goes inside and can connect to the cable near to one of the TVs.


  • Operating frequency 470-790MHz (Channels 21 – 60)
  • Noise figure 1.3dB
  • Gain can be adjusted from 8-20dB
  • Gold plated F-Plugs
  • Ventilated ABS weatherproof moulding IP53 rated
  • Fully screened, sealed, die-cast modules
  • Built-in adjustable attenuator allows gain control of signal output
  • Ideal for digital
  • Fixing options: standard cable tie mast mount or flat surface fix
  • Earth bonding terminals
  • Amplifier is filtered to prevent interference from the 4G mobile phone network

Power Supply

  • F-type connections
  • With fitted mains plugs to BS 1363
  • Very low power consumption (45mA)
  • Low energy 5V 60mA with short circuit and overload protection

The connection for these amplifiers (and the power supply) re F-Plugs. F-plugs are ideal if you want a connection that is super-secure. An F-plug coaxial connection screws on.

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