Vision V20-420T Kit 4 Way TV Masthead Amplifier and Power Supply

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4 Way TV aerial masthead amplifier, with power supply.

Feeds up to 4 TVs from one TV antenna, remotely powered (power supply is included).

The masthead amplifier connects to the cables using screw in f-plug connectors which are very secure.

The amplifier has built in 4G and 5G filtering.

The gain on the Vision V20-420T Kit is adjustable so that you do not end up with too much or not enough gain. You can adjust the gain between 8-20dB.


  • Ultra low noise figure with a super flat gain response
  • Fully screened construction
  • SMD Technology
  • Low current consumption, 12VDC 65mA max.
  • Excellent 4G and 5G rejection
  • Larger easy grip cable tie
  • Easy access cabling due flip-up design
  • IP 53 rated masthead housing
  • Complete with PSU

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