Thomson WHP3311BK-UK Rechargeable Wireless Headphones – Audio and TV, Easy Setup

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Leads are always the great limitation with headphones. Most leads are only 1 – 2m in length and do not give you the freedom of movement you may like, forcing you to sit in close proximity to the source.

Extremely simple to use, the one button set-up can overcome the anxieties of even the worst of technophobes. Once the headphones are charged, connect your chosen audio device to the base unit using one of the included cables (3.5mm jack cable or RCA adapter), turn both base and headphones on and press the Autotune button. Your music will be picked up by the headset within seconds. It really is that easy!

WHP3311 are not just about the music. Comfort is important too, especially during periods of extended wear. You will not get much enjoyment from listening to music with sore ears! To help prevent this from happening, the WHP3311 feature a flexible, elastic headband that adjusts to different users and head sizes and moves and flexes as you do, minimising friction across the top of the head. Plump ear cushion rest softly on the ears and help to create an acoustical seal against ambient noises that could otherwise prove to be a disturbance.

Compatible with a wide range of audio devices, in addition to mobile phones and traditional music players, the WHP3311 is also popular for use with television sets, offering users the opportunity of watching late night TV or increasing volume to their preferred level without disturbing others, or others disturbing them! With a frequency range that improves on that offered by the speakers of some TVs, the WHP3311 open your ears to a whole new level of sound and add previously unnoticed substance and depth to a scene, be it the sound of soft footsteps on a path, the whispering of voices or something else.


  • Built-in charging function
  • Uses 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries (supplied)
  • Volume control on the headphones
  • 3 transmission channels for avoiding interference
  • Elastic headband
  • Very high frequency stability thanks to PLL system
  • Range: 100 m in open space, 20 – 30 m in buildings
  • Autotuning (automatic station search)
  • Power button with LED indicator on the headphones
  • Box includes: Headphones, Charging Station, AC/DC Power Supply, 2 x RCA (Phono) to 3.5mm Stereo Lead, 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Lead, 2 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries, Instructions

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