Tacima 500VA Step Down Autotransformer in Black

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This Tacima 500VA Autotransformer Step-down Voltage Converter (also sometimes known as a step-down voltage transformer) is for use in the UK with electrical equipment from the USA that has either a US two pin or US three pin plug. What it does is convert UK 220 – 240 volts to US 110 – 120 volts. The output is pure AC. The Autotransformer Voltage Converter has a high maximum load of 500VA and is OK for use with devices up to about 500 watts.

The Step Down Transformer can be used with everything with a rating of 500VA or below. This would include electric razors, radios, Ghetto blasters, CD players, games consoles, air purifiers, Christmas tree lights, nebulisers,  desktop computers, TVs, Hi-fis.

Not suitable for hair straighteners or hair dryers as these products draw too many Watts for the converter.

Simply plug the step down voltage converter into a UK socket and plug the US plug into the voltage converter. The Autotransformer step down voltage converter works with US two pin and three pin plugs and has two sockets.


  • Step Down voltage conversion (up to 500VA)
  • With fuse protection
  • Ideal for use of US 110 – 120V two or three pin appliances in the UK
  • Pure AC output
  • Very safe to use
  • Flame retarding casing
  • Anti surge fuse (T1AL)
  • Two sockets 
  • Made in the UK

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