SLx Satellite Finder Dish Alignment Tool Signal Meter

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This compact SLx Satellite Finder device is basically a signal strength reader for satellite TV reception. 

The SLx Satellite Finder plugs into your connection, via a jumper cable from the LNB/LNBF connection to the LNB connection on the Satellite Finder, and gives a simple signal strength reading. This reading can be visual or audible (you decide) and it allows you to find the very best setting for your satellite dish. To order a jumper cable please see below. 

Useful for anyone who regularly realigns their satellite dish, caravaners, people on boats etc. 

The SLx Satellite Finder’s meter is backlit and it comes with a back stand for freestanding use. The signal strength indicator is adjustable and there is an adjustable sensitivity control. The frequency range is 950 – 2250MHz. Not designed for use with motorised satellite dishes.
One year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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