SLx Link Satellite TV Remote Control Extender, Magic Eye SKY, SKY PLUS, Sky HD

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The SLx Link solves a problem – once you’ve laid cable around your home to extend your use of Sky Satellite TV to another room you still have to change the channel! The Philex SLx Link simply plugs into the digital coaxial cable where it enters the second TV, and extends remote control back to the Sky Satellite box. Once the SLx Link is in place you can control the Sky Satellite box with the original remote or a suitable universal remote control. If you need to control more than one source (e.g. a Freeview box as well as Sky), then you need to use theSLx Omni Link in conjunction with the SLx Link. 

What Does It Work With? 
The SLx Link is absolutely wonderful for Sky TV, including Sky Plus. The only thing we are sure it will not work with is Virgin Media. This is because Virgin Media boxes do not have line power out. You can use theSLx Omni Link in conjunction with the SLx Link to control Virgin Media boxes. 

Technical Stuff 
For optimum performance the Philex SLx Link should have a direct connection with no interruptions to the RF out 2 on your Digibox. Splitters, amplifiers and isolated wall plates either drop the voltage (9v) that is being sent from RF out 2 (any capacitors in circuit will pass AC but will block DC), or when sharing the signal the voltage is also shared and drops below its working voltage.

To turn the power on from RF2 on a Sky Box: Using a Sky remote press Services, then press 4, then type in 0 1, select, then press 4. Make sure the RF 2 Power is switched ON. 

Aerial Amplifiers 
For multiple installations a SLx Aerial Amplifier may be needed such as the SLx2B, a SLx4B, a SLx 6B or a SLx8B – these ‘B’ type amplifiers have a digital bypass built into them and will also feed 9 volts to each output to power as many SLx Links as you connect and has a reverse return path to allow the remote control signal to pass back to the receiver.

If you are in a single household and you are running just 2 TV’s your installation should be as follows:- The aerial in the roof should feed to the aerial input on the digibox, your satellite dish must also feed into the digibox Your main TV must connect to RF out 1, this will show both terrestrial and satellite channels. Then you must connect your 2nd TV to RF out 2, this again will show both terrestrial and satellite channels. You must adjust the software in the digibox (see SLx Link instructions part CO) to switch on the 9 volts to power the SLx Link. The SLx Link will then allow you to operate your digibox from your bedroom TV. 

The SLx Link works by picking up the remote control signal from your Sky remote in your bedroom via the little eye, converting the infra red pulses to electronic pulses, sending the electronic pulses down the cable to the receiver. The receiver will accept the electronic pulses only at RF out 2 and they then pass through the same circuit as the remote receiver eye that is on the front of your digibox. If there are any interruptions on the cable (splitters, amplifiers or isolated wall plates), these can also block the signal from returning to the receiver and stop this from functioning properly.

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