SLx Gold 4 Way TV Signal Booster & Aerial Amplifier for Digital TV Freeview DAB

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With 4G Filter – Removes Interference from 4G Signals

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The SLx Gold 28103FG is a four way TV distribution aerial amplifier that is designed to increase and improve TV and FM signals. It has gold plated F connections and is designed with professional installers in mind. The SLx Gold DG204F is fully digital satellite compatible. This means that you can use it either with a TV aerial signal or the RF2 output from a Sky Satellite Box. So it takes one TV input and can split it out to four different rooms. You can also use it to distribute a radio signal.

The SLx Gold 28103FG is mains powered and has an ultrasonically moulded mains plug for maximum safety. You can connect it to any F connection equipped device (usually satellite equipment). The SLx Gold DG204F then enhances any signal passed through it. It has two inputs (one for TV and one for FM) and four outputs – so you can run four TVs from it if you wish. For best results use gold plated F-plugs.

The SLx Gold 28103FG has a LED indicator illuminated when active. It has been designed with safety in mind and has double insulation. SLx Gold DG204F aerial amplifiers have built in TETRA filters, this helps to minimise interference caused by the emergency service’s TETRA communication system.

The amplifier also has a built-in 4G filter. This 4G filter will remove any interference caused to the signal by the 4G mobile phone network.

The SLx Gold 28103FG also has both surge/spike protection and short circuit protection. The SLx Gold 28103FG does work with the SLx Link. The SLx Gold 28103FG aerial amplifiers have the best noise figure in their class (less than 4dB) giving minimal interference.

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