SLx 48DW Gold 48 Element UHF Digital Aerial Kit outdoor or loft TV aerial

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Roof top high gain aerial, fine both for Freeview and Freeview HD television signals. The SLx 48DW Gold aerial is designed for outdoor installation, but would also be fine in a loft in strong or medium signal areas. Suitable for weak, moderate and strong signal areas. The anodized gold finish gives some enhanced weather protection, but is mainly there to make the aerial look interesting and different. One year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The SLx 48DW Gold Kit is a 48 element roof top, outdoor or loft TV aerial. The SLx 48DW Gold is designed to increase and improve TV signals and is good for use with both Freeview and analogue signals. The SLx 48DW Gold is perfect for all UK TV reception areas as it covers UHF channels 21 to 60. The aerial has a built in 4G filter to prevent interference from the 4G mobile phone network.

The kit includes the SLx 48DW aerial itself (which is the central boom, two reflector booms, centre mount bracket with clips, bow tie shaped dipole and printed circuit balun). It also includes 10m of digital quality coaxial cable an aerial mast clamp, cable clips and a coaxial plug.

The SLx 48DW Gold comes with clear and simple instructions – both email and telephone support from the manufacturer is available.


  • Rooftop or loft 48 element UHF TV aerial
  • Also includes aerial clamp, mast clamp, 10m digital coaxial cable, cable clips and coaxial plug
  • Built in filter designed to stop interference from the 4G mobile phone network

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