Q2 Power Plug Adapter – Any Plug to UK Socket

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Universal to United Kingdom/Ireland Plug Adapter from Q2Power is an earthed and fused travel adapter. Travellers from all over the world can safely power all their 2 and 3-pole devices in UK or in any UK-standard country.

An innovative feature is the patented safety mechanism, which guarantees that the user does not accidentally plug in two plugs at the same time.

The Q2Power travel adapter is fully compliant with the highest international IEC (International Electrotecnical Commission) norms and thus guarantees absolute safety for the user and appliances.



  • Earthed Travel Adapter
  • For travellers from all over the World to United Kingdom, Ireland or other UK style plug country
  • Can accept all earthed & unearthed (2- & 3-pole) plugsfrom any country
  • Input voltage: 100V – 250V / Max. load: 10A
  • Power rating: 100V – 1000W / 250V – 2500W
  • Patended safety-mechanism
  • Fused (10 Amps)
  • Safety approved (IEC 60884, LVD EN 60950) by Dekra


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