ProfiGold Fast USB 3.1 A charger 2x USB A female white + Euro adapter

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Travel charger from Profgold. 3.1 A current to charge high drain USB devices. CEE 7/16 male + BS 1363 male – 2x USB A female white. Ideal for charging phones, tablets etc that use USB charging.

  • Unique Profigold charger with IC chipset to detect the correct power charging level of the connected smart media hardware
  • Dual USB output charges two portable devices simultaneously
  • Interchangeable connectors allow you to charge portable devices abroad
  • Ergonomic elegant and slim design for a perfect fit with current portable smart media hardware
  • Internal IC overload protection charges your smart media hardware safely and protects it against short circuit and overload
  • Extreme high efficiency charger for fast charging with minimum power consumption

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