Pro-Elec Switched PIR Sensor Control Switch

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This is a single switch 10 Amp PIR Sensor

It is designed to be used in places where you need lights or fans to operate automatically when there is movement. For instance a person goes into a room the PIR detects movement and body heat and the light switches on, when the person has left the room the PIR detetcts the lack of movement and the light switches off. The PIR switch can also be used for fans etc.

Good for use with fluorescent lighting, energy saving lamps or exhaust fans.

  • Switch on lighting, fans etc only when area is occupied
  • Switch overrides sensor to allow always on
  • Adjustable photo cell to prevent daytime operation
  • On Time 1 to 16 Minutes (Adjustable) 
  • Detection range up to 8m
  • 120 degree coverage
  • Fits 25mm Single Gang back box
  • The switch requires a neutral connection, it should only be fitted by a competent person, if in doubt consult a qualified electrician


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