Pro-Elec 6 Socket 2m Mains Extension Lead with RFI Filter & Surge Protection

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This is a Pro-Elec heavy duty 6 socket extension lead with a 2m power lead with both surge protection and RFI Filtering.

This 6 gang electrical extension lead is designed for audiophiles and people with a lot of expensive home entertainment tech, the surge protection will keep expensive audio and video equipment safe from electrical surges and spikes, while the RFI Filtering reduces signal noise and interference from the mains.

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference, sometimes known as EMI) is a kind of electric or electronic emission which is capable of effecting an electrical circuit and producing interference on audio and video equipment.

The RFI filtering on this Pro-Elec extension lead is designed to filter conducted RFI which is produced from other electrical appliances in the building such as microwave ovens and refrigerators. This can affect the output of all the other devices on the same power ring and is most noticeable on audio and video equipment such as Hi-fis, Smart Speakers, TVs etc. The interference can be controlled by adding a power line filter, like this one, to the system. It also usually results in  better performance and less susceptibility of the equipment to interference noise.The filter built into this extension lead will protect any appliance plugged into it from RFI.

The extension lead also protects from electrical surges and spikes. Even if they are switched off, tech devices left plugged in can be damaged irreparably by surges of power running through your home wiring system. During electrical storms, for instance, a lightning strike can cause a spike along a nearby power line, which could lead to a power surge. Other problems with power grids and faulty internal wiring can also put your tech devices at risk.

A surge protector works a bit like a fuse. It over-loads itself and protects any of the equipment that is plugged into it.

The extension lead has a single switch which controls all six of the sockets and a LED power on light.

Manufactured to British Standards, BS1363/A and BS5733/A.

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