Power Bright ERP1100 12V 1100 Watt Power Inverter Euro

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12V 1100W Power Inverter – Euro (Schuko) Power Socket

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Power Inversion?
This Power Bright ERP1100 1100 Watt 12 Volt Power Inverter connects to a 12 Volt car, van or boat battery and inverts the power to provide mains electricity (220-240V AC). This version of the ERP1100 power inverter is the one fitted with a European (Schuko) plug socket, so it takes European two pin plugs. 

The Power Bright ERP1100 1100 Watt 12V power inverter connects directly to the vehicle battery (connection lead is provided). The Power Bright ERP1100 1100 Watt 12 Volt Power Inverter has a Euro (Schuko) power socket – this means that it can accept two pin Schuko plugs from any European countries. The Power Bright ERP1100 has a continuous power output of 1100 Watts. It’s highest possible wattage for short periods is 2200 Watts. This higher wattage is designed to accommodate the power surge that you often get with appliances when they are first turned on.

What Can I Use It With?
Everything with a rating of 1100 Watts or below. This would include most TVs, notebook computers, battery chargers, video cameras, portable hi-fis, electric shavers, battery chargers, low and medium wattage power tools, low wattage microwave ovens etc. Do not use a modified sine wave inverter with fluorescent lighting, domestic refrigerators or with power tool fast chargers, the capacitive load may damage the inverter.

The Power Bright ERP1100 1100 Watt comes with battery low/high warning and shutdown protection to prevent you draining or damaging the battery. There is short circuit and overload protection as well as over temperature protection. To help keep the temperature low the unit is fan cooled.

Who Would Need This?
Caravanners, people who live on or have boats, farmers, truckers, and anyone who wants to use mains equipment through their vehicle battery.



  • Comes with DC lead to connect direct to battery (75cm 8AWG)
  • Schuko (Euro) power socket
  • Ideal for camping, power tools and more heavy duty use
  • 12V input
  • 220-240V AC 50Hz output
  • Modified sine wave
  • Low battery warning and shut down (so you cannot completely flatten your car or boat battery
Fan cooled

280mm x 150mm x 70mm.


One year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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