Philex TriStar 2 Way Plug Through TV Signal Amplifier

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The TriStar 2 Way Plug-Through TV Signal Booster is designed to boost Digital TV or Digital Radio signals to a TV or DAB tuner. The gain is adjustable (0-14dB) allowing you to get the correct amount of gain for your particular situation. A lot of people do not realise this, but too much gain is as bad as too little.

Unlike a lot of other plug in aerial amplifiers and TV signal boosters, the TriStar 2 Way is Plug-Through. This means that you do not lose the use of the socket by plugging in the signal booster. There is a 13 Amp plug socket as a part of the amplifier itself.

Apart from all the normal things you get from a TV signal booster the TriStar 2 Way Plug-Through Booster also has built in Red LED short circuit protection. The amplifier also has a built in 4G filter, which will eliminate interference caused by the 4G mobile phone network.


  • Twin FM/DAB/UHF coax input, single FM/DAB/UHF coax outlet
  • Plug-Through mains socket allows another appliance to share the same mains socket
  • Flat gain response across full frequency spectrum ensures optimum digital reception
  • Can be used to boost the signal from a VCR, DVD or satellite receiver
  • Features built in short circuit protection
  • Full VHF compatibility for TV and FM/DAB including Ireland
  • -14dB variable gain. Noise figure <4dB
  • Frequency Range VHF/FM/DAB 40-300MHz UHF 470-790MHz
  • Built in 4G filter

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