Philex SLx2P Plug in Aerial Amplifier – 2 Outputs for Digital Freeview TV

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The Philex SLx2P is an aerial amplifier and signal booster that is designed to increase and improve TV, DAB Digital Radio, Cable, Satellite and FM signals. The SLx2P has one input and two outputs, so you could use if to boost a signal to another TV elsewhere in the house.

The Philex SLx 2P is mains powered and it plugs directly into a mains power socket. You can connect it to a Freeview Box, a satellite receiver, plug your digital TV aerial into it or connect to a DAB or FM aerial. The SLx2P then enhances any signal passed through it. It has one input (which can be used either for a TV signal or for a radio signal) and two outputs. The SLx2P has a variable gain control which allows you to adjust the gain (amplification strength or boost) of the unit from 10 – 20dB. The SLx2P can also just be used as a DAB booster.

The booster comes with a built in filter to prevent interference from the 4G mobile phone network.

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