Philex SLx2B TV Amplifier and Signal Booster 2 Way – Digital Bypass, 4G Filter

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The SLx2B is a two way aerial amplifier that is designed to increase and improve TV and FM signals and it can connect to aerials or to a Sky Box RF2 output. If used with Sky the Philex SLx2B allows you to link more than one TV to a Sky decoder box RF2 output using cable. The SLx2 the SLx2B has an integrated digital bypass so it can be used with the SLx Link or other magic eyes. This means that you can use a Sky remote control to control a Sky box from other TVs that are linked.

You can also use the SLx2B aerial amplifier with a digital TV aerial signal. In these cases the amplifier would normally be placed in a loft. the signal from the TV aerial would be fed into the amplifier and then distributed to two TVs elsewhere in the house.

The SLx2B is mains powered. You can connect it to a satellite receiver, plug your TV aerial into it and/or connect it to an FM aerial. The Philex SLx2B then enhances any signal passed through it. It has two inputs (one for TV and one for FM) and two outputs – so you can run two TVs from it if you wish.

The amplifier also has a built-in 4G filter. This 4G filter will remove any interference caused to the signal by the 4G mobile phone network.
The amplifier’s 4G filter means that after installing it  you need to retune the Sky Box RF2 to any channel below channel 60 and then retune the analogue TVs.

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