Panda Power 3V – 12V Universal AC/DC Power Supply Mains Adapter 1000mA

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This universal AC/DC power supply comes from Panda Power, and has a distinctive and stylish black and white design. It is a very compact and efficient universal 1000mA plug-in adapter with 3V – 12V output, universal input (100V – 240V AC) and a LED indicator.

This makes a great replacement universal AC/DC adapter for one that is lost or broken. It is designed to power a large variety of DC powered equipment. To manage this, the Panda Power has 7 selectable DC output voltages (3V, 4.5V, 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V and 12V). It comes with 6 of the most common appliance connector plugs and fits 95% of AC/DC appliances.

The AC/DC adapter is extremely easy to use, you simply set the correct voltage on the orange selection voltage wheel using the tool provided and fit the correct plug for your appliance to the end of the power lead.

This is a 1000mA AC/DC Adapter, this means it will power any 3V to 12V device that needs a power input of 1000mA or less.

UK plug suitable for use in UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malta and other UK style 3 pin plug countries.

One year manufacturer’s warranty.

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