Pack of 10 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Samsung VP77 Vacuum Cleaners

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Pack of 10 replacement bags and a motor-filter for Samsung VP77 vacuum cleaners.

The particular models that this bag is suitable for includes: Samsung Delight FC, NC and RC. VC 8600 -8699. Easy FC, NC,RC,SC, VC5900 – 5999. Easy RC 590 -599, Easy RC 600 – 611, Easy SC5280 and 5282. Ecoblue SC 5 FC, NC, RC and VC 6300 – 6499. FC, NC, RC and VC 6700 – 6799. FC, NC, RC and VC 6800 – 6899. FC, NC, RC and VC 7100 – 7199 (except 7150). KV602. Mint SC7250 and 7251. NC1000E and NC 900E. Originakl VP50 and VP95B. Stardust Modern SC7253 and 7254. VC4012 and VC 550P.

  • Better filtration for cleaner air
  • Increased suction power
  • Soft material for a better fitting
  • Water repellent material
  • Bags do not clog up like paper dust bags

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