Optima MA20-4KIT 4 Way Masthead Amplifier (TV Signal Booster) and Power Supply

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This Optima MA20-4KIT TV Signal Amplifier combines a high gain 4 way masthead amplifier with a power supply and adjustable gain control. The amplification gain can be adjusted from 8-20dB via a gain switch on the amplifier itself. The TV Signal Amplifier should be positioned as close to the aerial as possible either on the masthead or in a loft. The power supply goes in the home near a TV and plugs into the mains. It send the DC power up the coaxial cable to power the amplifier.

You can distribute the TV signal to up to four rooms in the house using the amplifier.

  • Operating frequency 470-862MHz
  • Noise figure 2.2dB
  • Gain can be adjusted from 8-20dB
  • F-plug connections
  • 12V power supply
  • Built-in adjustable attenuator allows gain control of signal output
  • Ideal for digital

If you have some kind of signal to begin with this Optima Distribution Amplifer will improve it. However a TV signal amplifier can only amplify a signal if there is something there to begin with.

The connection for these amplifiers (and the power supply) are F-Plugs. F-plugs are ideal if you want a connection that is super-secure. An F-plug coaxial connection screws on.

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