Mercury 45 Watt Step Down Voltage Converter Use US Items in UK

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This Mercury 45 Watt Step-down Voltage Converter is for use in the UK with electrical equipment from the USA with a two pin US plug. What it does is convert UK 220 – 240 volts to US 110 – 120 volts. The output is pure AC and the voltage converter can be used with all appliances rated 0 – 45W. 

The Step Down Voltage Converter can be used with everything with a rating of 45W or below. This would include AC mains adapters, calculators, electric razors, radios, ghetto blasters, CD players, smaller games consoles, air purifiers, small strings of Christmas tree lights and nebulisers. You should check that the item you want to power is rated 45 Watts or less. For Christmas tree lights count the lights and multiply by the wattage of the bulbs, if it exceeds 45 Watts you need to get a bigger converter. 

Some people try to use these with very power hungry appliances such as hair straighteners or hair dryers. These items typically use a lot more than 45 watts. 

This converter will blow its fuse if you try to use it with appliances rated at more than 45 Watts. Simply plug the voltage converter into a UK socket and plug the US plug into the voltage converter. 


  • With fuse protection
  • Ideal for use of US 110 – 120V two pin appliances in the UK 
  • Pure AC output 
  • Dimensions 88mm x 62mm x 60mm

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