Maxview Optical Toslink Splitter for Digital Audio Splits 1 Signal to 2 Ouputs

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Maxview Optical Toslink Splitter. A simple device for splitting an optical digital audio signal source to two optical Toslink outputs. Often used to connect a DVD Player with optical out to a TV and a surround sound home cinema amplifier. Works well with fairly short cables only (3m or less). Long optical cables do not usually retain enough signal for a successful split.

This adapter only works as a splitter, it is not a combiner. You can take one signal and split it out to two outputs. You cannot take two signals and conbine them into one output.

Apple TV outputs cannot be split with this type of splitter.

This is an optical splitter (TOSlink). It should not be used with S/PDIF which is a digital format.

One input and two outputs only!

Please note this is an optical Toslink splitter and not any kind of signal combiner, this means you have one signal source. It cannot combine two signal sources into one!

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