Maxview OMP M7004 IO-Link with Power Supply For Satellite TV

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The Maxview OMP M7004 I/O Link gives new Sky set top boxes (with no RF output) a RF2 output.

The I/O Link simply connects to the ‘I/O’ port on the rear of the Sky Box and provides an RF2 output for connection into distribution amplifiers. The I/O Link therefore enables connection to a distribution amplifier for distribution. The new Sky Boxes still have the Magic Eye TV Link software inside, so set up is as per a regular Magic Eye TV Link  installation through the installer menu of the EPG:

Press the Services button on the Sky remote control.
Choose option 4 : System Setup
Press 0 1 and Select to bring up the Installer Set-up menu.

Choose option 4: RF Outlets
Use the down arrow to move the highlight to Second Outlet Power Supply
Press the right arrow to change OFF to ON
Use the down arrow to move to Save New Settings and press Select
Press Sky to exit the services menu.

You will still need to purchase Magic Eyes such as the SLx Link or the Global TV Link to actually send your remote control signals back to the Sky Box from the remote locations.

The I/O Link is supplied with a power supply.

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