Maxview Gazelle B2414 – 12V/24V DC Touring Motorhome Caravan TV and Radio Aerial

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The Gazelle aerial is an omnidirectional streamlined roof mounted aerial designed with caravans, boats and motor-homes in mind. It will receive all available analogue and digital UHF TV and VHF/FM and DAB signals through 360°, there is no need for adjustment. The Gazelle aerial is supplied with a high quality signal booster as standard to optimized the picture and sound quality. It also comes with two DC power options 12V and 24V DC this means that you can use it with either 12V or 24V batteries. Do not confuse this version with the more expensive AC and DC version which is also available.


  • Omnidirectional aerial designed to receive all available analogue and digital UHF TV and VHF/FM and DAB signals through 360°
  • Digital Free-To-View compatible
  • For external use only
  • For use in the UK and Europe
  • Can be permanently fixed to your caravan or motor-home roof
  • Frequency range 40-860 MHz
  • 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Features a low noise integral head amplifier
  • Aerodynamic and designed for permanent fixing
  • Complete with a variable gain booster, 5m coaxial cable and accessories
  • Power supply options included are 12V or 24V DC, 100mA
  • DC power amplifier is included

Box Contents

  • Aerial Head Unit
  • 24V/12V DC Power Supply
  • Mounting Foot with Integrated 5 Metre Coaxial Cable
  • Clamping Tool
  • Telescopic VHF Aerial
  • 1m F to Coaxial Flylead
    Variable Signal Booster
  • Fused Power Lead
  • EPDM Water Ingress Seals
  • Roof Mounting Kit and Fixings
  • F Connector
  • Instructions

Maxview instructional video.

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