Maxview B2008 Twin Socket Weatherproof Outdoor F-Plug and Coaxial Entry Point

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The Maxview B2008 is an outside weatherproof connection entry point for two RF cables. the Maxview B2008 is usually used with Sky Plus and Sky HD installations into a caravan or a mobile home, but it is also good for single RF from an aerial or a separate FM or DAB Digital Radio feed.

The weatherproof unit has one f-plug connection and one coaxial connection inside and screws shut with three fastening screws. the weatherproofing is a self adhesive EPDM foam seal. The unit should be mounted to the outside of a caravan, RV etc.

The Maxview B2008 comes with two 3m coaxial cables with one end of one is terminated with a f-plug, while the other cable has one end terminated with a coaxial plug. You also get two more plugs (one of each kind), fixing screws, a self adhesive fixing template and full fixing instructions.

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