Masterplug Weatherproof Box Black IP54 Outdoor Electric Socket Garden Power

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The Masterplug weatherproof electrical box is a IP54 rated water resistant plastic box which has a number of cable entry and exit options. You have a safe and convenient wall mounted housing for providing electrical power to outdoor appliances such as garden lighting, power tools, water features and Christmas decorations. It is intended to be used with a multi-socket extension lead.

The space inside the box is large enough to accommodate AC/DC adapters, transformers, plug in timers and other on/off controllers. A strip of self adhesive hook and loop fastener is provided to fix a multi socket extension lead in place inside the box. In addition, four internal mounting posts on the rear face may be used to mount a panel (not supplied) to suit other equipment.

The enclosure is IP54 rated in use, which means that when the front cover is securely closed, the sealed construction provides a very high level of protection against the entry of both water and dust.

The box is not intended as a completely permanent installation, and it should not be used under water.

Interior dimensions are: 32.5cm x 21cm x 8cm  

The black box is particularly good for use in discreet situations when you do not want the box to stand out. The box is also available in red, orange, grey and green colours

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