Masterplug SPTO Single Socket Splashproof Housing and 10m Outdoor Extension Lead

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This kit consists of a Masterplug 10m 1-Gang 10 Amp extension cable and a splashproof single socket sealable housing (known as a peanut housing, because of its shape). Both the lead and the housing are coloured orange for safety and visibility.

The Masterplug 10m 1 Gang lead is is great for gardening and DIY and is often used for items like lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, drills and other power tools. It is a very simple design with a rubberised outdoor socket. It is rated at 10A and conform to BS 1363/A. 3-core cable, with earth.

The Masterplug SPTO is a water resistant splash-proof housing for a single electrical socket which has single cable entry and exit points. You have a safe and convenient peanut shaped housing for providing electrical power to outdoor appliances such as garden lighting, power tools, water features and Christmas decorations. It is intended to be used only with a single-socket extension lead.

The enclosure is splash-proof, which means that when the cover is securely closed, the sealed construction provides a good level of protection against the entry of both water and dust. It can be used outdoors in a sheltered location.

The housing is not intended as a completely permanent installation, and it should not be used under water or in heavy rain.

The orange colour of this product is particularly good for use in work situations such as building sites, farms, workshops etc.

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