Masterplug Outdoor Heavy Duty 10m Orange Extension Cable Lead 1 Gang 13 Amp

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This 10m EXS13110O Heavy Duty Masterplug electrical extension lead is great for gardening and DIY and is often used for items like lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, drills and other power tools. It is a very simple design with a rubberised outdoor socket. The rubberised coating means that if the socket is accidentally dropped or stepped on it is not likley to be damaged.
The extension lead is rated at 13A and conform to BS 1363/A. The lead is made up of 3-core cable, with earth. Maximum load (fully unwound) is 3120 Watts.
The extension lead is designed to be used outdoors but it is not waterproof and should not be used in the wet, unless it is enclosed in a weatherproof box and used with a RCD.

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