Masterplug Indoor Power TMS24-MP 24-Hour Mechanical Segment Timer

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This Masterplug TMS24-MP electrical socket timer is the mechanical type, this means no digital display no internal battery and less to go wrong.

The 24 hour time periods are divided into 15 minute sections, which allows you to switch on and off appliances up to 96 times a day. This allows you maximum control of the appliance.

Particularly useful when connected to a lamp to give an impression occupancy in an unoccupied home. Also idea for controlling exterior lighting powered from an indoor socket or for Christmas decorations etc.


  • 24-hour programme.
  • Up to 96 on/off switching times per day can be set.
  • Shortest switching time: 15 minutes.
  • Easy to set.
  • Over-ride allows you to switch the timer off and on with one switch


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