Masterplug 8 Way Surge Protect 1m Extension – 2 USB, Telecoms & Router Protected

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This Masterplug 8 Way Surge Protected Extension Power Extension with USB charging and Telecom Ports is an excellent quality extension lead, that provides you with 8 power sockets for connecting your devices to mains.Great for computer and/or home entertainment equipment.

The Masterplug 8 Way power extension features two powered USB sockets that allow you to charge up devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, cameras and mobile phones without using up your computer’s USB ports.

You can also pass your broadband, Ethernet, telephone or modem broadband connections through the Masterplug 8 Way Surge Protected Extension Lead using the  Telecom Ports to avoid electrical damage to your equipment via thunder storms. Masterplug include an unlimited connected equipment warranty (register for this on-line) so you can feel confident every time you plug in.

The Masterplug 8 Socket Surge Protected Extension with USB and Telecom Ports has a power switch. The extension cable is 1m long. The extension is wall mountable, it has two wall mounting points on the back.

SURGE PROTECTION ADVICE. Hundreds of power surges can occur in your home and office every day. The switching on/off of fluorescent lights and household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers can cause power surges and spikes.

MASTERPLUG SURGE WARRANTY. Confident in their ‘state of the art’ technology Masterplug Surge products come with a ‘Connected Equipment Warranty’. In the unlikely event that a surge passes through this protection device within 3 years of purchase and damage occurs to the connected equipment, Masterplug will pay up to the amount shown on the product packaging to repair or replace the equipment. Masterplug stands by the quality of its Surge products.

Leads supplied: 1 x 2m BT to RJ12 Fly Lead, 1 x 2m Ethernet Cat 5e Fly Lead.

  • Protection 2 x 20 MOV + 2 x 14 MOV + 1 x GDT
  • Maximum Surge Energy 690 Joules
  • Maximum Surge Current 22000 Amps
  • Clamping Voltage 755 Volts
  • Response Time <50nS
  • Thermal cut out
  • Telecom/ Modem/Broadband surge 60 Joules,  2400 Amps
  • LAN/Ethernet Surge 500 Joules, 2.2 Amps
  • Wall mountable

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