Luceco LEXS30W30-01 Solar Guardian PIR Outdoor Wall Light in White

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This solar powered LED light is is ideal as a simple install and forget security light. There is no complicated installation procedure, just two screws. You just fit the light to a wall in a sheltered position where it receives some direct sunlight. Six hours of sunlight will charge the battery fully and on a full charge the light will operate for 3 nights.

The light automatically turns onto a standby glow mode during low light levels (<30lux), and boosts to full power for 10 seconds when motion is detected. Great for finding the correct key for the door! Excellent for outdoor entrance areas, garden shed exteriors, balconies etc.

The Luceco Solar Guardian is rated IP44 which means: Splash-proof, the light should be fixed in a sheltered position.

PIR detection range is 2 – 6 metres.

Dimensions: 152mm x 96mm x 83.5mm

Weight 230g

Colour white.

On a personal note, it’s really hard to get across in a listing just how good this light is. I have one at the back of my home and it’s brilliant. The solar panel stores power from the sun during the day, and at night you get a night light type glow. Once you move into range and the PIR picks up the movement the main light comes on. Just about everyone I have shown this light working to has asked for one.

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