Labgear PSW111 Single Coaxial Outlet Plate for Freeview HD TV, DAB, FM

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High quality TV wall faceplate manufacturered by Labgear.

In simple terms this is a single wall plate for a aerial lead to connect to. It is usually used for TV aerials, but it can also be used for DAB and FM radio connections. The coaxial cable from the aerial connects into the back of the wall plate, and a male to male coax lead links the TV to the face plate.

High quality screened single IEC coax outlet, non isolated coax faceplate. Low loss. TV/FM/DAB outlet. Screened to EN 50083-2: >65dB to 1 GHz and >55dB to 2.2GHz. Easy cable connections and access. For 1 mm cable (PF100, H109F, QF100, etc.)

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