Labgear LTE800 4G Filter Coax Connections AT800 Approved

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Very simple to use, the LabgearF4GAHS  4G filter simply connects between the aerial and the digital box or TV and removes any interference from the 4G mobile phone network. This particular filter has push in coaxial connections.

Not everyone will be affected by this, usually those affected will be in areas where 4G is on certain airwaves (the 800MHz band). In those cases there might be interference with Freeview reception. If you are affected a 4G filter is the easy answer.

This particular filter is approved by at800. at800 is an independent organisation created to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive Freeview, or are offered a suitable alternative, when 4G at 800 MHz is activated in their area. they have been setup and funded by the mobile phone operation companies.


  • Removes TV interference and channel loss caused by 4G mobile phone signals
  • Simply plug in between the aerial and TV or set top box
  • Coax connectors
  • Does not need power
  • Passes frequencies 5-782MHz
  • Rejects frequencies 791-862MHz

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