Labgear LDL216R 16 Output Aerial Distribution Amplifier 16-way

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The Labgear LDL216R Distribution Amplifier is a mains powered aerial amplifier and signal booster that is designed to increase and improve TV signals.

The Labgear LDL216R is mains powered. Typically it is used as a loft box to distribute a signal from an aerial or satellite box. At the same time it can also distribute a signal from a radio aerial (either FM or DAB Digital Radio). The sixteen outputs mean that you can split or boost the signal so it passes to up to sixteen rooms. This makes it popular for use in small hotels, large houses, commercial buildings and shared occupancy buildings. The maximum gain of the Labgear LDL216R Distribution Amplifier is 10dB per port.

The Labgear LDL216R Distribution Amplifier is a good budget aerial amplifier great for the simple job of amplifying and distributing a TV signal to up to sixteen TVs. It has two inputs (UHF and FM/DAB) so it could be used for both TV, DAB (Digital Radio) and FM. All the connections on the amplifier are the screw in f-plug type for added security (they are not going to fall off). The amplifier has a built in filter to protect against interference from the 4G mobile phone network.


  • Frequency UHF 470 – 790MHz
  • Frequency FM/DAB 87 – 230MHz
  • Gain 10dB
  • Noise 3dB
  • Return Path 5 – 30MHz with Insertion Loss of 3dB
  • RED compliant

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