Labgear LDL206LP Remotely Powered 6 Way TV Signal Distribution Aerial Amplifier

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The Labgear LDL206LP is a six way aerial amplifier that is designed to increase and improve TV and FM signals. It has F connections and is designed with professional installers in mind. The Labgear LDL206LP Aerial Amplifier is fully digital satellite compatible and has two inputs (UHF and VHF). The unusual feature of the Labgear LDL206LP is that it can be used in a loft or roof space which does not have mains power or has restricted mains power. The second smaller device you can see in the image is the Labgear LDL206LP ‘s power unit. It plugs into the mains elsewhere in the house and allows you to power the LDL206LP through the RF coaxial cable. This makes it ideal for installation in a loft where there is no mains power.

How Does It Work?
You can connect the Labgear LDL206LP to any F connection equipped device (usually satellite equipment). The LDL206LP then enhances any signal passed through it. It has six outputs – so you can run six TVs from it if you wish. The Labgear LDL206LP Aerial Amplifier has built in filtering that eliminates interference from the 4G mobile phone network.

Anything Else?
The Labgear LDL206LP can be used in conjunction the devices such as the Philex SLx Link to control a connected Sky decoder box. The SLx Link can be used on every output except the one used to power the amplifier (usually number one).

The Labgear LDL206LP Aerial Amplifier has a very low best noise figure (only 3.5 dB) giving minimal interference.

The Labgear LDL206LP does not have line powering, so cannot be used to power a masthead amplifier.

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