Labgear LDA2061LR 4G 6 Way FM/UHF Separate Inputs Line-Power Amplifier

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Mains powered 6 way DigiLink amplifier, with auto line powering and LTE filter. It is ideal for distributing the signal from a terrestrial TV (and radio) aerial to up to six rooms. The LDA2061LR has a separate input for radio as well, and the TV input has Labgear 4G filtering to reduce potential intereference.

This fully screened 6 way TV and FM/DAB amplifier is not compatible with Infra Red Magic Eye remote Control systems. If you use it with Sky you either have to by-pass the amp or accept that rooms without a Magic Eye will still be able to view the output of the digibox but will not have any control over the box. It is really designed to be used with a TV aerial rather than the Sky Box RF2 output.

Separate inputs are provided for UHF TV (470-782 MHz) and for VHF (87-230 MHz). The amplifier automatically detects a masthead pre-amp on the DTV input and switches on line-power. This means that if you do wish to use a masthead amplifier, you will not need to use a seperate masthead amplifier power supply.

The Labgear LDA2061LR is suitable for direct amplification of digital terrestrial TV (Freeview) signals and the UHF input can be connected directly to a UHF antenna. When connected directly to a UHF aerial a built in filter removes any signals from Lte 800 4G mobile phone transmitters picked up by the attached aerial.

  • Ideal for distributing the signal from a terrestrial TV aerial
  • No return path for use with Sky DigiLink eye
  • Can be used as standard distribution amplifiers
  • Mains powered unit for extra 6 rooms
  • Dual input for TV and radio signals
  • 4G filtering to reduce interference to TV signals
  • RED Compliant
  • Gain per port is 10dB
  • Full gain 17dB

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