Konig Smart Phone Rescue Kit For Water Damaged Phones

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This is a smart phone rescue kit designed to to remove water from personal electronic devices, such as phones, MP3 players, cameras, remote controls, watches and other objects that fit in the bag (bag dimensions 22cm x 14.5cm), to avoid permanent water damage.

Please note: immediate action is required. There is no point in buying this after your phone has been dropped in the river, bath etc, by the time it arrives it will be too late. It’s the kind of thing you need to keep around in case.

You use the mobile phone water rescue kit by following the steps below, which can also be found in the included manual.

1. Turn off the device.

2. Carefully dry it with a soft cloth.

3. If possible, remove the battery, memory card and other small parts.

4. Open the rescue bag. Do not take out the white rescue pouch inside. Carefully put the device in the plastic bag and re-seal it. The pearls in the pouch immediately start to absorb all moisture.

5. Wait for at least 24 hours (for a small devices, such as mobile phones) to 48 hours (for larger devices, such as tablets) before taking out the device.

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