HQ Universal AC/DC Switching Plug In Adapter

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The HQ Universal Digital Camera Charger Adapter is, as the name suggests, made mainly with digital cameras in mind, although it can be used with other appliances. The HQ Universal is a switched mains adapter for digital cameras. It is a compact regulated output power supply. Input 100 – 240v: 50/60 Hz max. 0.32 A (can be used in USA with a plug adapter). Output can be set to 3, 3.3, 5, 6, 6.5 and 7 Volts.

Maximum power output is 2100 Milliamps.

The HQ Universal Digital Camera Charger Adapter comes complete with 7 Interchangeable plugs covering the seven most common fittings. It also has three electrical plug adapters – this means that it can be used in the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Australia and Europe as well as the UK and Ireland.

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