Hama Premium Traveller 144 Ball Camera Tripod with Compact Carry Case

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This is the Hama Traveller Premium 144 Ball Tripod.

This tripod gives outstanding performance and is a perfect companion for a travelling photographer.

The Hama Traveller Premium 144 Ball Tripod provides a stable mount for any standard 1/4" thread photo, video camera or spotting scope, permitting the capture of shake-free images through rock steady positioning. Rubber feet and non-slip foam legs create maximum grip even on rugged, wet terrain, whilst the central column comes with a hook for weighing down the tripod during strong winds or on uneven surfaces, for all-weather adaptability.

Experience outstanding manoeuvrability and capture stunning panoramic views with the 3D ball head and panorama function, designed for achieving perfect alignment for high-quality shots in both portrait and landscape format. There is also an option for inverted positioning to create stunning macro-photography close to the ground. 3 -section, expandable tripod legs with functional screw clamps and a 2x retractable central column allow the achievement of the perfect height for the shot.

Photographers desire the time between spotting a great photo opportunity and physically capturing it to be as short as possible. With Hama Traveller Premium 144 Ball Tripod it is. The included quick release plate allows easily clicking of the camera on and off of the tripod and switching between different cameras if desired, whilst the highly-portable, Traveller design permits a fast and simple set-up. Folding tripod legs allow the tripod to be collapsed into a small, convenient 34.5cm pack size for convenient carrying on the go, the lightweight aluminium construction being ideal for travelling between locations or shoots. An integrated spirit vial further aids set-up, allowing a level shooting position to be achieved within a few moments of assembly.

  • High grade camera tripod for non-jerky images and a steady hold on uneven surfaces, suitable for still photo and video cameras
  • Three section quick action lever lock legs with a variable split to near horizontal enabling optimal position options. Soft non-slip foam grips for feel and comfort
  • The tripod’s legs are covered with non-slip foam which makes the tripod suitable for all kinds of weather
  • Flexible 3D head, easy level for the perfect shot I
  • Retractable (2x) central column with hook for weighing the tripod down in strong winds and on rough terra
  • Spike or rubber feet options for any ground conditions whether soft or slippery ensure steady hold
  • Allen screw secures the ball head on the centre column
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy aluminium design
  • Little pack up size of 34.5 cm due to the foldable tripod legs
  • Spirit level integrated into the tripod head
  • Quick release plate with rubber pad
  • With the functional screw clamps the tripod legs can easily and quickly be fixed at the required height or position
  • Spare quick release plate: item number 00004243

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