Hama Negative File Storage Sleeves 12 Negs 6 x 6mm Pack of 25

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Hama Negative Storage Sleeves – a fast and practical way for storing and displaying a large collection of medium size negatives (6 x 6cm), allowing them to be neatly arranged and placed for safekeeping in a storage case or ring binder using the pre-punched holes.

Storage boxes and cases can provide a hardy storage solution, but they rarely allow the user to view the contents, which are often closely packed in rows or lying in a pile on top of one another. Hama storage sleeves each store up to 12 single negatives, displayed in individual transparent pockets on full view to someone browsing the collection. This allows the desired images to be easily identified and selected for reprint or viewing without the need to sift through an entire tray. Providing an effective barrier from dust, dirt and moisture, the durable polypropylene sleeves offer reliable long-term protection for the contained negatives from damage and general aging, whilst permitting instant access as and when required. Once you’re done, simply reinsert the chosen frame back into its pocket, safe and secure until next time you need it.

  • Ideal for storing and organising medium size negatives (6 x 6 cm)
  • Protects contents against damage from dirt, dust and moisture without worry.
  • Each fit 12 single negatives great for storing your best ones
  • Transparent for easy identification without worry of searching
  • 25 sleeves included for all your storage needs

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