Hama MC Audio Cassette Head Cleaner Cleaning Tape & Fluid

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  • Designed to gently and effectively clean the sound/playback heads in a audio cassette recorder
  • Fits standard size audio cassette players
  • Improves the playback quality of music cassettes
  • Cleaning fluid is included (enough for 50 cleanings)

As technology moves on cassette tapes are gradually being phased out. This make it all the more important to maintain any cassette players that we we have to ensure that they provide the best possible audio quality and to help prevent any unnecessary damage to cassettes when played.

Hama makes it easy with this MC Audioclean Cleaning Cassette which you can simply put into your cassette player for gentle cleaning of the sound heads and removal of accumulations of dust and grime that may otherwise lead to poor sound quality of interrupt playback of the cassette. To ensure cleaning is thorough and even stubborn dust is removed, the cleaning cassette even comes with a bottle of cleaning fluid which can be applied prior to insertion into the player and then reapplied when necessary so that clean after clean you will provided with nothing but a spotless finish.

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