Hama HR Wide-Angle Lens Adapt for Camcorders, HTMC, 0.5x with M27 – M37 threads

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The Hama HR Wide-Angle Lens Adapter for Camcorders is for extending the picture angle for camcorder lenses with M27 – M37 threads. It has HTMC coating (four layers on each side), for very good spectral transparency and also included are front and a rear caps to protect the lens and a lens storage pouch. The 0.5x adapter will double the wide angle.

As amateur or professional videographers or even as someone viewing their work, it doesn’t need to be said that the picture quality of a video is important with poor contrast, dull colours and blurry edges on objects doing no justice to what is often a bright and memorable scene being captured, such as wedding or party. At such events it is also of quite a high priority that as much of an event or a scene can be captured at once, though fitting the large numbers of people that may be there into the video shot as well as their surroundings is more challenging than it seems with just a regular lens. In such situations Hama’s High Resolution Wide-Angle Camera Lens is what you will be wishing for in your camera bag.

Designed especially for use with video cameras it is capable of extending the picture angle with a wide angle zoom factor of 0.5x so that more of the surroundings can be captured in an expansive scene to help build up a more detailed picture. Each side of the lens glass is then vapour-coated with four reflection reducing layers of special HTMC coating which minimises reflections of light on the lens that can otherwise cause irregularities in the picture when filming in order to achieve high quality flawless videos.

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