Hama HK-5619 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones for TV and Audio, 6m Lead

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The Hama HK-5619 headphones are ideal for any hard of hearing people who may need the TV or Stereo turned up high, and who do not want to disturb others in the home or their neighbours.

The closed design of the Hama HK-5619 headphones eliminate external disturbances to ensure that you can enjoy music or TV audio in uninterrupted comfort. Compatible with a range of hi-fi systems and televisions in addition to PCs and other devices supporting a 3.5mm audio jack, the HK5619 also comes complete with a 6.35mm adapter for further connection to stereo systems, mixing boards etc. and an extra long 6m cable capable of reaching across the room (e.g. from TV to sofa).

Plush ear cushions surround the ears, offering excellent long-wear comfort during extended viewing (i.e. films) and listening sessions, whilst the adjustable padded headband permits a flexible fit to a variety of users and head sizes to prevent rubbing and discomfort. A gold-plated plug and contacts ensure low contact resistance for optimum signal transmission and high-quality playback.

For added convenience, the HK-5619 also feature an easy-to-reach in-line volume control, allowing effortless continuous volume adjustment without the need to get up and alter it directly from the TV or stereo on the other side of the room or from a separate remote control.


  • The integrated volume control allows you to easily control the volume on the cable
  • Extra-long cable (6 m), especially designed for connecting to TVs or HiFi systems
  • Single-sided cable for the ultimate music experience with more freedom of movement
  • The closed circumaural headphones block out disturbing noise and keep music inside
  • Padded headband for a comfortable listening experience also over long periods of use
  • The headphones are equipped with an individually adjustable headband which adapts to the shape of your head
  • Includes a gold-plated adapter for connecting the headphones to a stereo system, mixing board, etc with a 6.35 mm audio output
  • The gold-plated coating of the plug ensures secure signal transmission for improved audio quality

Technical Specifications

  • Connections – both 3.5 mm Jack Plug and 6.35 mm Jack Plug options
  • Cable length 6m
  • Weight 200g
  • Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz 
  • Sensitivity 113 dB/ mW
  • Volume control

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